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How To Choose The Perfect Maldives Tour Package For Your Family Trip To Maldives


Maldives is a destination that is equally good for enjoying a honeymoon or some family bonding time. Sometimes all you need is an excuse to visit the place in all its tropical glory. Clear blue sky, crystal water, warm sun, and sand underfoot are enough to charge you up for whatever comes next.

However, a family trip to the Maldives needs proper planning. This is why you must choose such a Maldives tour package that will fulfill the wishes of all your family members. Choosing the wrong tour package can mess up the entire experience for everyone.

Read below to know how to choose the perfect Maldives tour package for a family trip.


Start your tour planning by setting a budget for your family trip to Maldives. This will determine what kind of package you have to choose. This will also help you narrow down your options, and focus on packages that fit your budget.

The cost of flights will depend on your location, the time of booking and the airlines. As for accommodations, you have to look for guest houses and public islands if running on a budget. Meals are often included in the package if you stay at a resort. Make sure that there are no hidden costs, and choose transportation modes wisely.


First of all, you need to know what’s the best time to visit the Maldives, and which one would be perfect for you. Most people want to visit a place during the peak season. However, that might cost you a lot when it comes to hotel booking and all. So, you have to plan a trip according to your budget.

The best time to visit Maldives is between November to April. You will get lots of sunshine which is the entire point of this trip. But the islands will be full of tourists, and the prices will be high enough. If you want to avoid all these, pick a duration in between the peak and off-season. Look for a package that will let you book a tour this time around.


How long do you need to stay in the Maldives to see it all? The answer depends on which destinations you are looking to explore and which activities intrigue you and your family. However, around 4 days is considered to be enough to explore the Maldives. The Islands are full of diversity, and you will get new experiences wherever you go.

You also need time to take part in outdoor activities like boating, diving or snorkeling. Search for a package that will give you enough time for sightseeing and indulging in some adventure.


For a memorable family trip to Maldives, you will have to visit places which will leave you speechless. To make it happen, you have to know about the must-visit tourist places in Maldives. Then make sure that your tour package includes those places.

The Artificial Beach in Male city, Addu Atoll, Maafushi Island, Fulhadhoo Island, Vaadhoo Island where the seawater practically glows at night, or National Museum are places you definitely should visit.


While visiting with family, you need to select your accommodation carefully. Maldives offers plenty of resorts with unique features. You need to research properly so that you and your family won’t end up in an uncomfortable place. Choose an accommodation that includes family-friendly facilities like swimming pools, interconnected rooms, babysitting services etc. The location of your accommodation also plays a big role when you have kids with you.

Just in case your budget is not that high, you can choose a guest house as well. But check for the facilities and especially the meal plan that suits your family.


When in Maldives, you must take part in some family-friendly activities which people from all age groups will enjoy. Different family members might have their own preferences as well. So you need to look into the variety of outdoor activities your tour company is offering.

Since Maldives is known for stunning beaches where you can spend quality time building sand castles, playing volleyball or simply busking in the sun. You can also engage in watersports like kayaking, jet skiing, snorkelling, or diving. If your budget is enough, you can hop in a luxury yacht or boat known as Dhoni, and watch the sunset.

Your family trip to Maldives can be everything you’ve ever hoped for. You just need to choose a tour package that suits your needs.

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