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Avoiding common mistakes: What to look for when purchasing international travel insurance


Going on an overseas journey is an exciting prospect. It requires a lot of planning and careful deliberation but has a lot more to offer, whether it is creating lasting memories, sharing new experiences with loved ones, or exploring all that the world has to offer.

While all of these seem fun, it is still essential for travellers to secure their journey from unexpected travel-related expenses with the right international travel insurance. But while there are dozens of insurers looking to provide international travel insurance online, keep note of these common mistakes and take the proper steps to travel with confidence and peace of mind.

What does travel insurance do?

Travel insurance is a hidden supporter and a safety net that protects you financially when faced with travel-related risks. Whether it is getting access to proper medical treatment or receiving compensation for dozens of travel-related risks, armed with the right travel insurance policy, you can explore the world with confidence.

Travel insurance, like any other insurance policy, only provides compensation, reimbursement, or cashless claims for covered risks. Here are a few coverages to expect from your international travel insurance policy.

  • Trip delay, cancellation, interruption
  • Medical emergency (hospitalisation)
  • Emergency outpatient treatment
  • Medical evacuation
  • Personal accident
  • Delay or loss of checked-in baggage
  • Missed connecting flight
  • Loss of passport

What are some common mistakes to avoid when purchasing international travel insurance?

When you buy international travel insurance online, there are often numerous factors to remember, whether they relate to the policy or your planning. For example, one of the most common mistakes is not checking the exclusions before planning your trip and suffering from additional expenses that will not be reimbursed or compensated for because the policy does not cover them.

In addition, there are several other common mistakes that travellers should avoid when purchasing an insurance policy for international travel.

1.  Not checking the dates properly

One common mistake several people make is not considering the timezone differences between the destination and the home country. Travellers should note that policies from their home country will use the timezone for their country. If you get your policy in India, the timezone will be IST, and the policy will only provide coverage until the end date. So if you leave the United States on the 16th and reach India on the 17th in US time but the 18th in IST, your policy must last till the 18th.

2.  Hiding facts and figures

One of the most important steps in purchasing international travel insurance is a medical declaration. While there is no pre-policy check-up, lying about your medical history can result in claim rejection during the claims process.

3.  Choosing the wrong plan

If you are a student travelling to the USA, there are several pre-requisite coverages universities look for. Thus, students must consider these requirements and choose the right plan accordingly. This is also the case for countries mandating travel insurance for visas. These countries also often set requirements like minimum coverage or coverage for specific diseases like the Coronavirus. So, it is equally important to consider these requirements in this case.

4.  Not checking the terms and conditions

One of the gravest mistakes travellers can make is not reading the policy terms and conditions. While this document might seem like a bunch of legal or insurance jargon, it is essential to understand the do’s and don’ts, the coverages, and the exclusions for a proper experience.

5.  Getting the cheapest travel insurance plan

Never get the cheapest plan! While dozens of insurers provide travel insurance at competitive prices, travellers should never opt for the cheapest plan but pay a little extra to get the right policy for their needs.

How do you buy international travel insurance online?

Travellers looking to buy international travel insurance online can do so in a number of ways, from visiting individual insurance providers to checking out insurance brokers for comparisons. However, travellers looking to purchase travel insurance should check out Niva Bupa. They are one of India’s leading travel insurance providers with financial protection from dozens of travel-related risks. They not only offer a simple and convenient way to buy travel insurance online through their portal, but they are also quick, allowing travellers to secure their trip with just a few clicks within minutes.

If you are considering buying travel insurance from Niva Bupa, visit their website and click “Travel Insurance.” Then, follow the portal to buy your policy in minutes.


There are often numerous mistakes which a traveller can make when choosing a travel insurance policy. While it is not the end of the world if you buy incorrect travel insurance, as there might be nothing which results in unexpected expenses, at the time of need, if your claim is rejected, it can lead to a significant financial loss and a negative travel experience. This is why securing your trip with the right travel insurance policy for your specific needs is essential.

So keep in might these mistakes or refer to them when purchasing international travel insurance to get the best travel insurance for your specific needs.

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