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Top Must-have RV Essentials for Your Next Trip


Some RVers tend to hit the road with a desire and need to travel light, bringing only what they can fit into their compact Class B or C motorhome. For other RVers, who are well-heeled seniors or families travelling with young children — a RV rental should be every bit as luxuriously outfitted as any house built on concrete foundations.

There are mobile mini houses with glitzed-up fifth wheels and touring bus-like Class A motorhomes that are outfitted with the finest kitchen and bath equipment available.

Although you may be able to get along without most of these things, we believe that having them on hand will help you get the most from your RVing experience. Here is a list of items we believe you should consider adding, whether you are renting an RV or listing your RV.

Cleaning Supplies

Because there is limited space in an RV rental, trying to keep things clean is essential. Ensure that you have a supply of cleaning products on hand at all times. To round up your cleaning supplies, consider adding the following products to your storage:

  • Auto cleaning and anti-bacterial wipes
  • All-purpose cleanser and glass cleaner
  • Roach spray, hand towels, and a cleaner are all useful tools for keeping bugs out of your RV. Place them in a cupboard or in jars underneath the RV to keep them safe.
  • Garbage bags of various sizes and shapes. Use plastic cereal jars (with the lids removed) to store extra trash cans throughout your RV. They are compact, making them ideal for cramming into small areas.
  • A collapsible plastic stool for cleaning in difficult to reach areas.
  • A mop, a broom, and a dustpan.
  • Ladders are also quite important in this situation. It’s necessary to get to the top from time to time. You may either tie them back to the corner of your RV or use a collapsible ladder, which uses up less storage room in your rig’s interior.

Storage Containers

Huggable hangers are a must-have for your closet. They are the felt-covered kind that prevents garments from falling off your shoulders while you’re driving. Zip lock bags, storage boxes, and storage drawers may do wonders in your wardrobe and cabinets by separating and organizing your belongings.

Plastic shoe organizers can be used for a variety of applications, mostly as a shower caddy. You can also use them to store makeup and can be placed under the sink.

Keep in mind that you will require significantly fewer things in an RV than you would in a traditional home. Start planning to wrap your clothes and stack them on top in your drawers so they can be easily found.

This allows you to see the clothes without having to worry about them taking up a lot of valuable space. It is better to segregate stuff using zip lock bags for your own convenience. So that way, if you need socks, you can just reach for the sock bag. It is a quick and efficient process.

Drinking Hose

Ensure you have a drinking hose that is clean and ready to use when you need to connect it to your water tank.

If you intend to flush your tanks or scrub off your sewage hose using a second hose, it should be included in your travel trailer or recreational vehicle’s list of essential things.

RV Sewer Kit

Dropping your RV’s tanks is an unavoidable aspect of the experience. You may be able to do this at your campground if you have full amenities, or you may be able to do it by driving through an RV dumping station. Regardless of where you choose to dump your tanks, you’ll need a sewer hose and a few attachments to get the job done. Investing in a sewer kit guarantees that you have all you need to complete the task at hand.

Disposable Gloves

You should wear them whenever you come into contact with any sewer hose or connectors! So make sure to always keep them at hand.

Levelling Chocks and Blocks

No matter what recreational vehicle you have, these levelling blocks are extremely useful and are some of the most basic camper must-haves on the market today. You can use them for a lot of purposes.

Even though you list your RV for rent that is equipped with levelling jacks, there are times when even the most modern campsites isn’t quite level enough. Because the front wheels are lifted off the ground because of a sloping driveway, the blocks are really useful in this situation.

Portable Surge Protector

A portable surge protector should be considered a non-negotiable necessity for any RVer’s equipment. You have the ability to secure your RV rental as well as your valuable electric appliances. When you connect your RV, make sure you use a portable surge protector. These can be quite expensive, but when you factor in the expense of upgrading your RV’s air conditioning and electrical systems, it’s a reasonable investment.

No matter where your destination is, make sure you are prepared for any emergencies on your RV trip with the tips below.

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