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4 Top Places to Tour During Your London Trip


Planning a London trip can be exciting, but the many landmarks and attractions can leave you unsure where to visit. The list of attractions includes the London Eye, Hyde Park, museums, and an endless list of monuments and parks. However, your choice of attractions will depend on the number of days you are touring and whom you are traveling with. The good thing is that most of these London attractions are free, and you can visit at any time of the year.

Here are top places to tour:

  1. The London Eye

 The London Eye is a popular giant observation wheel on the South bank of River Thames. It was constructed and erected in 1999 to celebrate the year 2000. It was first constructed as a temporary structure, but became a permanent fixture on the London skyline due to its popularity.

Although it was erected to celebrate the year 2000, it has become a popular sight, and it’s hard to talk of London’s Skyline without mentioning the London Eye. It’s a focal point for celebrating major events or holidays, such as New Year’s Eve and fireworks.

The London Eye also allows visitors a breathtaking view of London’s iconic landmarks and is a favorite attraction for locals and tourists alike.

  1. The view of the Shard

 The Shard is a pyramid like landmark on London’s skyline. It’s located at the heart of London and is the tallest building in the UK. It stands at a height of 1,016 feet with 95 floors. The Shard offers breathtaking panoramic views of London and has been a prominent part of London’s skyline since its completion.

It’s also popular for its modern and distinctive design. If touring London, plan to visit the Shard and expect stunning views of the city, including landmarks such as the Tower of London, the River Thames, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and more. The Shard also hosts silent discos on select Saturday nights and other fun events throughout the year, like gin tastings.

  1. The London dungeon

The London Dungeon is yet another attraction worth touring, thanks to its unique and interactive experience. It combines live actors, special effects, and different shows on London’s history. The attraction is known for its theatrical and immersive approach to storytelling.

When visiting the Dungeon, you expect to encounter scenes and characters related to various historical events. The actors play the roles of historical figures, and the sets are designed to recreate the atmosphere of the time. However, the experience may include elements of horror and can be quite intense.

  1. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a famous attraction that allows visitors to peruse the tablets, graves, and stone dedications. You can see the tombs and memorials of great persons in London’s history. For instance, the seventeen monarchs and the dukes are buried here.

London is a great holiday destination with endless attractions and sightseeing sights. Before your trip, search online and learn of the many places that you can tour to enhance your experience.

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