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The essential things to know before you visit Barcelona


Barcelona is a stunning city: the nightlife, the sea, the incredible architecture. All its attractions make Barcelona one of the most visited cities in Europe. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and its citizens speak, besides Castillan Spanish, a different regional language too: the Catalan Spanish. Catalunia is a whole region located at the border with France, and its coast is one of the places you should not miss!

If you are planning to visit Barcelona, here are some essential things to see and do.

What to see in Barcelona

One of the best ways to visit the city and not risk missing something important is to book the best Barcelona tours with one of the available tour agencies, such as ThroughEternity. One of the benefits of booking a tour with an agency is the opportunity to visit all the best attractions in Barcelona without the stress of planning the itinerary, besides the discounts the agency will get you thanks to its expertise and connections in the city. Here are some of the attractions you should not miss in Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia: the masterpiece of the architect Antoni Gaudì, the Sagrada Familia is the symbol of Barcelona. This stunning church is still unfinished, but the style of the architect is perfectly visible: the contrasts of the facade make the church one of the most beautiful attractions in the city. Do not miss the bell tower, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the whole city.

Casa Milà and Casa Batllò: they are located in Passeig de Gracia, a very famous and exclusive shopping street. They were both created by Gaudì, and their unique style makes them an absolute must to visit in the city. In both places you can admire sculptures and other works by Gaudì.

La Rambla: Barcelona’s most famous street, runs to the sea and it is full of attractions. There are La Boqueria market, the wax museum and the Liceu theater, among the others. You can also find hundreds of souvenirs’ stalls and street artists.

Park Güell: another jewel by Gaudì, the park was originally intended to be a residential complex, but today it has become one of the icons of Barcelona with its amazing dragon-shaped fountain.

Among the other attractions in Barcelona, we should mention the Cathedral, the Gothic Barrio, the Ribera and the Barceloneta. Nothing better than getting lost in the nightlife of the most amazing Barcelona neighborhoods!

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