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4 Superb Mountains to Explore in UAE


No doubt! UAE happens to be the great hub of the amazing mountains making it the paradise for hiking and if you love hiking, UAE is the right country to arrive in and planning it for now is great because later in summer, you find it hard to climb any mountain because of the extreme hot weather.

Moreover, you also need to have safety gear for making the climbing of mountains seamless for you and before you begin, you need to acquire more essential knowledge about the mountains of this country. Additionally, the state is extremely committed to make mountain exploration more awesome with taking tourist-friendly steps; thus, you find a massive tilt of foreigners and locals to explore mountains. In this write, you are about to explore the prominent peaks of UA.

So check each one of them in a precise way.

1- Fossil Rock

While coming out of the Sharjah in the direction of Kalba, you come across this amazing point that has been named as the Jebel Maleihah but it is widely known as the fossil rock, so you should visit it first and notice the incredible landscape. The unique quality of this mountain is the marine fossil making it more worth-visiting place for everyone, so get there before the sun makes it miserable to touch this mountain. On the internet, there are many platforms offering you to plan your trips but honestly, nothing is best than the one named as the, so explore it while using the coupon code and make trips budget-friendly in a cool way.

2- Wadi Al Bih

Affectionately famous as the major Canyon of the country, this happens to be the profound ravine having the 1 kilometer’s distance making it very appealing natural spot to explore for people and yes, approaching it won’t take enough time. The peak makes you the tremendous views of the town, so whether is sunset or sunrise, you are all set to have an amazing view.

3- Wadi Ghalilah

It is the most favorite tourist attraction for all the crazy rock climbers but before reaching there, you have to ensure that you get the essential safety gear. Moreover, it is situated at the two hours’ drive from Dubai hence, reaching there won’t take enough time, so having this mountain in a bucket list is a wise tourist move while exploring UAE. It is very near to coastline of Ras Al Khaima, so visit this awesome place being less extensive compared to the Wadi Bih but possesses lots of cliffs and rocks making it more exciting to visit.

4- Hatta

It is known as the awesome gateway right from the town’s lights offering you a chance of diving into the nature along with experiencing different thrilling activities, for instance, mountain biking and hiking. Other than that, you also get the exciting views of the town both in morning and evening and you can also get into the wadi-bashing making your trip more magnificent.

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