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Kumara Parvatha Trek: All You Need to Know


The second highest mountain in Coorg, Karnataka, is the Kumara Parvatha in the Western Ghats. The adventurous track is a popular journey with beginners and pros through thick forests, huge volcanic cliffs, wild flora, and fauna. Even the expert trekker finds some portions of the trail fairly demanding but the vistas are excellent. This walk is popular with Bangaloreans and surrounding southern Indians. The hike is sometimes called the Trek of Pushpagiri. In western Karnataka, Ghats is located in Kumara Parvatha. On the foothills of the hills is Kukke Subrahmanya, an ancient famous temple. Karnataka is a hotspot of Indian adventure, popular for its enormous mountains, delicious waterfalls, calm lakes, and countless landscapes. There are no shortages of possibilities for adrenaline-pumping in Karnataka if you are looking for an exciting holiday in nature. In its wealth, Kumara Parvatha is such a gem.

Best time to reach Kumara Parvatha

In the post-monsoon season, Kumara Parvatha is trekking through the winter (September – March). The humid atmosphere makes walking exceedingly hot in the summer and dehydration is a serious problem. Forest fires are more likely in the summer toward the top of the journey. This is why Kumara Parvatha will be closed down throughout the summer as a preventive measure. In monsoon, the trail is incredibly slick and can fall and injure every step. Given the path, the challenge is mostly loose mud, gravel, rocks, and rocks. 

The greatest time to explore the grandeur of Kumara Parvatha is in the winter months from October to January. Winters in South India are usually pleasant when a thin film of dung floats in the air, disappearing as the day advances through the soothing rays of the sun. This time, then, hikers find it appropriate for tough journeys. Summers are generally extremely sparkling and humid, making a tough trip in Kumara Parvatha impracticable for adventure fans.

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How to reach Kumara Parvatha?

Mysore and Hassan are the closest train stations to Kumara Parvatha. The trains on this route are the Hubli or Karwar Express or Bangalore Mysore express. Take a taxi to Kukke (the beginning site for the hike) on Coorg on an overnight trip if you are traveling from Bangalore. You can also opt for a car on rent in Bangalore and enjoy a convenient and flexible journey. Renting a car in Bangalore allows you to have the freedom to explore at your own pace. You can take a taxi from Coorg to the Sanctuary for the wildlife at Pushpagiri or to Subramanya Kukke. The route to Kukke or to Pushpagiri lasts roughly 2-3 hours from Coorg. From there, you must ascend to the Kumara Parvatha top. 

Busses fly from Bangalore to and from Subramanya. The Subramanya bus terminal is close to the city from which the trail begins to Kumara Parvatha. Trek, marked by a signboard, commences from a distance from the temple of Kukke Subramanya. The track is visible readily and, for the first couple of kilometers, the climb through deep woodlands leading into prairies is moderately strenuous. You can take a quick stop at Bhatt’s House and then continue. Give Forest House permission to the tent, as camping is not allowed from outside. Overnight camp. Night camp.

Different trekking routes of Kumara Parvatha

Depending on their fitness levels and adventure spirit, there are two ways accessed by Kumara Parvatha hikers. The one way goes from the temple of Kukke Subramania to Shesha Parvatha through Kallu Mandapa, which is a somewhat challenging ascent. There are ascents and descents from Shesha Parvatha via rocks and grasslands to the peaks. The route from Beedhalli in Somwarpet will be relatively lengthier. Even experienced hikers find this route a bit difficult, but your view along the way is worth it. You will hike through the deep Shola forest where wild animals and birds can be seen and feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery. Trekkers normally go up on the Somwarpet trail to the Kumara Parvatha top and descend on the Kukke Subramanya track.

Places near Kumara Parvatha

Biladwara Cave is the site you should bank on if you are looking for a great attraction on your Kumara Parvatha hike. The area has a legendary reference, Vasuki, the mythological king of snakes, hidden from Garuda’s wrath in the grottos of the Biladwara Cave, states. An additional feature that attracts Diehard Nomads and Pilgrims all year round is the natural, 10 meters entrance and 30 meters exit of the grotto. Two names pronounced combined are Mallalli and Abbey waterfalls, adding to Kumara Parvatha’s awe-inspiring nature.

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