Things to Do in Aqaba
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Fun Things to Do in Aqaba


Being the only coastal city in Jordan, Aqaba holds a significant position in the country’s international and domestic tourism sector. Through the years, Aqaba has grown to fill its role as a prominent tourist destination and developed to cater to all kinds of tourists through a variety of activities, attractions, and accommodation options.

A combination of beautiful scenery, history, fascinating culture, calming vibes, and friendly people are what you’ll experience when visiting Jordan’s seaside city. In short, Aqaba is not the stop to be missed in your vacation itinerary in Jordan.

Take a Journey to the Past

While many imagine golden beaches and azure water when thinking about Aqaba, the city has something to offer other than that. The southern city is also rich in historical sites.

Take a break from the bustling city and dive into the stories of the ancestors at Aqaba Fortress. Also known as Aqaba Castle, Aqaba Fortress was originally constructed by crusaders. The Mamluks reconstructed it to be a military site and a station to serve pilgrims.

And don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Aqaba Museum to explore more about the history of the ancient civilizations that inhabited the city. The museum is located within what once was the home of Sharif Hussein bin Ali, the leader of the Great Arab Revolt.

As for those interested in Islamic culture and architecture, you would love to see the Sharif Al Hussein Bin Ali Mosque.

Experience Luxury and Unwind at Ayla Oasis

Ayla is your ideal destination in Aqaba. Pristine beaches, crystal blue water, luxury accommodations, thrilling activities, diverse dining options, you ask and Ayla will deliver.

For accommodations, Ayla hosts two of the best hotels in Aqaba, the Hyatt Regency Resort and the Cloud7 Residence. With these options, you will enjoy high-standard services and stay in premium rooms and suites.

The exceptional thing about Ayal is that you don’t have to step out of this dreamy oasis to find fun things to do in Aqaba.

To do nothing is the best thing to do for a relaxing vacation. Indulge in a calming ambiance and lay down to soak up the sun while sipping on refreshing drinks and munching on delicious food Ayla’s beach clubs, B12 Beach Club and La Plage Beach Club.

As a golf enthusiast, you will be delighted to know that Ayal will grant you a one-of-a-kind golfing experience. The Ayla Golf Club features an 18-hole (par 72) championship course and a nine-hole (par 27) floodlit academy course.

A seaside vacation is never complete without thrilling water activities, and Ayal has plenty of those, from cable wakeboarding and jet ski rides to snorkeling and scuba diving.

Spot Rare Species at Aqaba Bird Observatory

Located at the northern tip of the Red Sea, Aqaba Bird Observatory is a gem for nature lovers. Every migration season, the observatory hosts flocks of birds from Asia, Europe, and Africa. The ABO features forest, bushes, desert, and wetland. This diversity of habitats presents it as an ideal migration stop for up to 250 different species.

In 2021, the observatory spotted black-crowned sparrow-lark for the first time in Aqaba and the second time nationwide.

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