Best Treks to Do in Bangalore
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Best Treks to Do in Bangalore


It’s time to break out from the nerve-wracking buzz of the city, pack your luggage, and say goodbye to the turmoil for a bit. With paths from easy to difficult, you can select the one that suits your fitness level along with accessibility from your area. Pack your bag with liters of water, some healthy and energy-giving snacks, put on your hiking shoes, and hit the road because this time the journey will be your destination. To make your outdoor adventure more convenient, you can rely on cabs in Bangalore for transportation to and from the hiking trails. So, embark on your hiking expedition with the peace of mind that reliable transportation awaits you when you’re ready to return..

1. Kodachadri trek

Set well in the Western Ghats of Shimoga, Kodachadri is home to the lush green Jungle Way through dense tropical woods, stunning cascades, and magnificent terrain and holds its place as the 10th highest peak in the State. It is also a beautiful backdrop to the Moola Mookambika Temple, which is considered the home of the goddess Mookambique, located in the Mookambika Wildlife Shrine. Catching a look at the Arabian Sea from the summit of its evening sunset offers a wonderful opportunity; a mix of mountains and ocean which can brag of a few peaks in the country. You will be mesmerized and want more from a journey to Kodachadri. This path is relatively steep and robust. During the Kodachadri trek, you have to cross lush forests and smooth streams and ascend a waterfall quite vitreous, which during peak monsoons becomes a whole different ball game. Despite your efforts, you will recall and feel proud of the trip that you have made to other countries, with breathtaking vistas, virgin woods, and difficult climbs at every corner.

2.  Savandurga Hills

The Savandurga is a popular destination for every trekker in the city, just 2 hours away from Bangalore. Almost every site you click on is in the top 5 and offers strong reasons for searching for a ‘trek near Bangalore.’ Right outside the IT Capital of India, a serene and quiet place provides the necessary respite from time to time for a city-dweller. For some time. Savandurga is the biggest monolith in Asia at 1227 meters. You can only spot the top of the temple from the base of the slope. The temple above the hill houses Nandi, the graven statue of Lord Shiva’s mountain, where local people believe and worship for religion. Hold your horses, as there are 2 walking routes that lead you up the hill to Karigudda and Billigudda for all adventure aficionados. In comparison with the latter, the first is easier. So choose a walk that you can complete depending on your fitness. Both paths provide a wonderful outlook and people frequently stop for sunset. You do, too, we recommend.

3. Ramanagara

Sholay was shot somewhere in the middle of the hills as part of the renowned Bollywood film. We have another piece of information for you if that does not exalt the fame of these summits. Bangalore is famous this weekend for its silk business and is named as a ‘silk city.’ You may choose those that match your fitness levels with a number of short trekking paths throughout the district. While Ramanagara itself is surrounded by seven humble hills, Revana Siddeshwara Betta and Ramadevara offer beautiful walking trails for adventurers.

4. Nandi Hills

It is also known as a weekend break from Bangalore itself, as Nandi Hills is not just for trekking aficionados. It used to be a summer resort for the Tipu Sultan back in the day and nowadays is flooded with tourists or adventure lovers who want to challenge themselves. The top of the hills offers some beautiful views at an altitude of roughly 1,478 meters from the ground. Tipu’s Point, a 600-meter cliff that is known for rock climbing, is not only located at the top but also. {Trivia: Tipu Sultan threw his inmates down from the rock.} You can either go up the 1200 steps to the top or use the north side of the hills if you like.

5. Skandagiri

Skandagiri is located at 1450 meters above sea level, for audacious adventurers who always seek further action and more obstacles for adrenaline pumping. If you can do a somewhat challenging walk, you can go straight to Skandagiri instead of starting with Savandurga trekking. This picturesque area near Bangalore is popular for camping or bird-watching activities. The main reason for those who walk up the hill more regularly is the old fort. The old fort. The great monarch Tipu Sultan, although ruined, has nonetheless remained of the past, enough to excite passionate historians and architects.

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