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5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Boston, MA


Also known as the city upon a hill, Boston boasts and offers many things. It is a city rich with historical events and monuments and has two of the best universities in the world. This city presents boundless potential from its open parks, excellent cuisine, and world-class healthcare to outstanding education and diverse weather. Moving to Boston is an ideal start, whether you are an undergraduate or a person looking to expand your career. There is also an abundance of apartments for rent in Boston, MA, which means accommodation here is not a problem. If you wish to know more, here are five reasons why you should move to Boston.

1. Education

The city has a deep academic heritage, being home to two world-renowned colleges, namely Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Aside from these two, there are other colleges and universities in the city like Boston University and Berklee College of Music. This ensures you have an array of options that can fully cater to your interests and capabilities. If you have a kid or sibling, the city could also accommodate them. Boston has the first established public elementary and high schools in the country. Academic establishments are also spread throughout the city. Harvard bookstore, Brattle bookshop, Trident, and the Boston Public Library are all facilities that can aid in your academic endeavors.

2. Walkable City

Boston is known for being a walkable city with many open spaces and parks. You can take different famous trails, such as the Freedom Trail and Kennedy Greenway, to wander and observe the beauty of the neighborhoods in Boston. Visit the Boston Common and the Public Garden, the oldest public park and the first botanical garden. These public spaces are why the city is hailed for its walkability.

 Walking can even be your primary mode of transport for work or school.

3. Events

If annual events and happenings are what you wish in your city, then don’t look further because Boston caters to all. This city is host to many festivals, sports events, and food happenings. Since the city is known for its open spaces, the famous Boston Marathon is held here every April. Boston is also known for its successful sports teams, namely, the Celtics, Red Sox, New England Patriots, and the Bruins. For sports enthusiasts, you can consider this city as the City of Champions, harboring many titles like its impressive NBA championships and World Series titles. This city does not also shy away from holding food events such as Dine Out Boston and its annual Wine Festival. Staying here means you get the benefits of celebrating these festivities.

4. Healthcare

Due to the number of world-class institutions in this city, healthcare is guaranteed to be one of the best and most cost-efficient. People from different states and even countries go to this city just for its healthcare facilities. Its hospitals are regarded as leaders in accessibility, quality of care, education, and workforce. The Massachusetts General Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Institute are examples of healthcare facilities in the city.

5. Weather

Boston has the complete treatment of having four seasons. It has moderate highs during summer, precisely 28°C, and freezing temperatures during winter. The city boasts its beauty during autumn when the trees change their colors into yellow, orange, and red. Living in Boston also gives you a bit of everything when it comes to the weather.


Boston, Massachusetts, has a sprinkle of everything you desire. The city got everything from good healthcare and exceptional education to open spaces and diverse weather. Career opportunities here are endless because of the abundance of established institutions. Destressing and relaxing are also made accessible because of the many free public parks and spaces that you can walk through and wander around. This city is full of undergraduates and the like, which means most people here are very open and diverse. Art, culture, and history are also important things the city offers. These are enough reasons to consider Boston to be your new hometown.

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