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5 mistakes to avoid while boarding a flight (Updated 2021)


Travelling enriches one with new experiences and also helps one to unwind from stress in life. It acts as therapy and eases the mind from disturbing thoughts and also rejuvenates one from within. However, many of us, in the excitement of travelling, often forget to abide by some of the important steps that are a must before boarding a flight. We often make common errors unintentionally and face difficulty right before departure. So, for a safe journey, keep away from such mistakes to have an easy flight trip. Having said that, you can make a note of these following mistakes and try not to commit the same on your next tour. So, before making your next flight ticket booking, you can refer to this guide to help you avoid mistakes for a hassle-free journey. Here we go!

Do not carry extra luggage

All airlines have different baggage capacity limits. Usually, international flights allow more limits than domestic airlines. So you must pack accordingly. Also, check the airline online gateway to know what items are allowed in your journey. Usually, the airlines permit you to carry a minimum weightage without charging any fees. However, if you exceed that weightage, chances are you will have to pay a certain amount of charge for the additional luggage you have carried along. However, if you have come along with a relative of yours, you can hand them over the excess luggage, if you do not wish to pay extra for the trip.

Do not forget to check the passport expiry date

Do check the expiry date of your passport before heading to the airport. Renew them if it has crossed the date of expiry. The airlines and the verification counter in the airport would not let you enter the gates if your passport is not valid. Additionally, there are many European countries where they require your passports to be valid for three months after your departure date. Remember, your documents will be checked several times and scanned so do not commit any mistake regarding the documentation. This is the most important step that you cannot afford to miss.

Do not forget to carry important documents

Remember to carry photocopies of all your essential documents such as the visa, passport, credit cards and other necessary papers related to your trip. The airlines could cancel your travel if you cannot produce most of the essential documents at the entrance. Keep the soft copies of your documents handy and share hard copies with your friends or a family member to be on the safe side. And do not forget to carry the most important document – your tickets. Whether it is a scanned copy or a printed ticket, you will require them to present at the airport.

Do not miss booking your preferred seat

If you prefer a window seat or the aisles or the middle ones with comfortable armrests, make a point to select your seats early. If you do not have a seat booked before boarding, then it might cause you some problems as you have to adjust with other passengers and you might not get the seat you prefer. You can always check the Intermiles website which offers a plethora of options catering to your requirements. You will get to choose your favourite seat while booking and can also avail yourself of great discounts during the procedure. Isn’t that amazing? Sure it is.

Do not avoid checking the immigration requirements

There are several countries in the world that demand a visa for entry to those countries. Many require six months of validity of your passport from the date of your entry to those countries. You can also check some nations that require a blank page in your passport for their official stamps and sometimes they also mention which pages to keep blank (might be the first or the last page of your passport) If you are confused about the immigration process, you can consult the embassy of your destination and check for all the immigration requirements in advance so as not to fall into any kind of problem while you are travelling.

While travelling is a hobby for many, some take flights to other destinations for official purposes. But whatever be the reason for boarding a flight, these travel mistakes can ruin the entire trip. So, do not commit these mistakes on your next trip and we are sure with correct planning, you can travel to your preferred destination at ease.

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